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Capitol Voices

3 Reasons Why Democrats Have Lost Their Minds on Impeachment

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Adam Schiff, and Democrat leaders in Congress are trying to remove President Trump through a series of closed-door hearings. They are ignoring longstanding precedent by preventing the public from scrutinizing the evidence and evaluating their witnesses.


Presumably they will ignore precedent and prevent the President’s counsel from representing the President, while preventing Republicans from calling witnesses.

President Trump continues to have strong support from the American public; a majority of voters do not support this StarChamber-like impeachment procedure that the Democrats have concocted. Hiding facts from the American public and other members of Congress smells fishy. But that is what we would expect from Chairman Schiff and Speaker Pelosi.

My constituents are savvy. They are watching the railroad job the Democrats are foisting on the President and the American public and they are not happy.

Here are some likely reasons why the Democrats will press forward on impeachment even when every accusation they have made against this President has evaporated and proven to be unfounded. Constituents ask me why Democrats have lost their minds. Here are some reasons as I see them.

First, Democrats can no longer win elections on ideas and policies. If you want to know where Democrats are on policy just watch a Democrat Presidential debate for as long as you can stand it. Turns out Americans would rather have a strong, free economy than a Soviet-style command economy. Democrats want to seize guns. Americans understand that sovietization of our economy coupled with gun grabs is the wrong path for America. Democrats want open borders and free medical care for illegal aliens. Trump wants to secure our borders and provide health care for our veterans. That’s why Donald Trump remains popular and Democrats can’t win elections on their policies.


Secondly, abortion is the lifeblood of the Democrats. It is their northern star. They would burn down the country rather than have any restriction placed on abortion. Donald J. Trump is the most pro-life president in American history. Thus, the Democrats will say and do anything to remove him from office.

Finally, since they can’t win elections on policy, Democrats have, for the last 40 years, turned to the courts to obtain their legislative priorities. Odd isn’t it? The judges legislate from the bench. But President Trump has appointed more than 150 constitutionalists to our federal courts, and two U.S. Supreme Court justices. Democrats are apoplectic at the thought that President Trump might be in a position to appoint one more Supreme Court justice.

If the President gets an opportunity to replace a liberal justice, Democrats will lose their only avenue to oppress the American people with their authoritarian policies. They are terrified at the prospect that President Trump could appoint a U.S. Supreme Court justice who may revisit the odious Roe v. Wade anti-life, pro-abortion decision.

These are the reasons why Democrats pursue impeachment and ignore the rules of the House and the U.S. Constitution. They are so far out on this that one Democrat, Maxine Waters (D-CA), suggested that the President be arrested and held in solitary confinement. Now, that should give you comfort to know that the President will get a fair shake from the Democrats.


If you believe in freedom, economic self-determination, life, the rights of all Americans as iterated in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution; if you believe in American greatness and wish to preserve it you must fight against the closed door, heavy-handed, unauthorized impeachment “inquiry” of the runaway Democrats.

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