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Behold Thy Mother

Paul Cerni via AP

As we enter the Christmas season, Christians around the world celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The significance of this event should remind us of the sacred vessel responsible for His birth, and that for the rest of mankind: Motherhood. 


As Jesus was bearing the atoning weight of mankind, He looked down from the cross and saw His mother. During these excruciating moments, He called out to His disciple John, “Behold thy Mother!”. In this act of love and concern for a mother soon to lose her first child, we see the Savior’s priority of Motherhood; a divinely sacred calling of the highest order.

Consistent within the Christian faith has been the appreciation of Womanhood and, the pentacle of its contribution, Motherhood. The words describing her mission mirrors those of Jesus Christ: bear, born, carry, lift, labor, and deliver. It conjures the image of the ultimate unselfish servant and represents the closest thing that mankind will ever see to the “Pure Love of Christ”. It forges souls, forms character, embodies nurturing and, among appreciative hearts, commands respect. As a partner, the role of Manhood is a simple one: to provide and protect Motherhood from anyone or anything that threatens its place of influence. 

Currently, a sub-set within the LBGT community has begun a relentless attack on this sacred mantle. Biological men, under the guise of transitioning women, are now demanding this recognition. Though not able to bear, birth, carry, lift, labor, or deliver, this movement seeks to change the definition of gender through the nuance of words. This year, Pelosi’s Leftist Democrats introduced a new vocabulary in Congress that redefined pregnant mothers as “birthing people”. Among other gender neutral terms unveiled by the Democrat’s Rules Committee for the 117th Congress is the replacement of the term “Mother” leaving us describing her as “parent, parent’s sibling, sibling’s child, spouse, parent-in-law” instead.


Unlike the rest of the LBG community, the Trans sub-section of biological men demand recognition, rights, and the space currently occupied by biological women. They seek to compete and replace women for athletic scholarships, on victors podiums, in bathrooms, treatment facility and jail cells..

We see this happening now in college women sports. Will/Lia Thomas, a biological man and senior at the University of Pennsylvania, is shattering long held women college records. Thomas, a high school star swimmer, had competed for three years as a man. In 2019 he was Ivy League Championships qualifier, Second-team All-Ivy in the 500 free, 1,000 free, and 1,650 Championships and finishing second overall in each of the events. Thomas

took off a year off during Covid as he began “transitioning” to a woman. With no record of when he started this process and with no change to his biological body parts, he proclaimed himself “Lia'' and started immediately accumulating women's trophies. Thomas, projected to become a woman All-American and college Woman National Champion, recently stated, “Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding”. 

No kidding.

As he towers over his female competitors, Thomas remains a decades-trained biological male who has been given permission to compete and with “no shame” take away opportunities from biological women. 


And how many know the name Kuinini “Nini” Manumua? Nini is the 21yr old Tongan who lost her chance to compete in the Olympics last summer when Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old biological man, took her place for Women’s Weightlifting Competition in Tokyo. How would she have done the first time on the world stage? Millions upon millions of us will never know. 

As a former professional athlete, what is the most shocking to me is the unadulterated cowardice within the NCAA ruling class, coaches, media cohorts, and Olympic committee who should be advocates for the women they train, represent, and/or say they protect. They instead stand by sheepishly and compliant as talented and committed women athletes are bullied into silence by WOKE Leftist Internet trolls, corporate sponsors and college administrators. Real women are thus discarded into the shadows by shameless institutions who show no backbone in an effort to defend them. 

Throughout America’s two-century history it has always, in time, drifted toward what is right. ”We The People” must do so again. What is right is a commitment to uphold our culture’s Judea-Christian’s respect/honor for the sanctity of Womanhood. What is right is not allowing a nuance of words or edicts by Pelosi’s Congress to demean, diminish or substitute this most sacred space with biological men. 


In standing for what’s right, we cannot compromise, be neutral, or weak in our advocacy. The Heart, Soul and Future of our nation depends on our response to the same request once given by Jesus Christ to his devoted Disciple John…

“Behold Thy Mother”

Burgess Owens is a former NFL player and best selling author. He currently represents Utah's 4th district in the United States House of Representatives.

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