The Cost of COVID

Posted: May 07, 2022 12:01 AM
The Cost of COVID

Source: Courtesy Photo, Kyle LaBrue

We can talk numbers and figures, statistics, risks, and percentages, the measure of analysis and cost-benefit ratios, but these are just big words that deflect from what really happened in March of 2020 when coronavirus became a household name. A household name that held the power to change the very nature of humanity across the globe.

That’s what this all comes down to. Power. 

Who has the power and who does not. Who can use that power and who cannot. Who is allowed to tell the truth, and who must be silenced. 

From the very beginning, nearly everything the elite Washington cronies from Big Pharma to Big Government ever told us about coronavirus was a lie. We were lied to about where it came from and how it was created. We were lied to about how it was transmitted, and how to prevent catching it. We were lied to about how to treat it, and ultimately how to cure it. 

We were lied to about ventilators and ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies and remdesivir and the vaccine. We were even lied to about our sacred relationship with our doctor. 

Through it all, the very definition of doctor-patient care has been warped and manipulated. The definition of vaccine has been changed from preventative care to never-ending boosters and mind-blowing profits. Then they changed the definition of truth - and I would know. In September of 2021, my family was betrayed by these lies when my brother passed away from Covid. 

To Washington, my brother is just another statistic they can use to push their agenda, but to me and my family, he is the cost of Covid.  

When I call my brother now, there is no one there to pick up the phone. My parents will never again feel the warm touch of their son’s gentle embrace. There will be no more summers on the lake, no more family reunions, no more holiday celebrations. The cost of covid is felt in every individual who was silenced and lied to about what coronavirus really is. 

The cost of covid is a dramatic loss of human life. In hospitals, in families, in communities … the losses are too high to count. Families lost their jobs and income and children were locked out of schools. Predators took advantage of kids spending increased time online resulting in an unprecedented trafficking surge. Suicide, homicide, and drug overdoses all claimed monumental losses over the past two years. 

How many have lost a brother, a sister, a parent or someone you loved because they refused to give you the truth? America is full of sons and daughters and parents and brothers who have been betrayed by the government’s lies.

At first it sounded right to slow the spread. It sounded right to protect our neighbors, friends, and family. It sounded right to protect humanity. Who could be against that? We watched the momentum of a tiny snowball of lies gaining in size and speed as more lies piled on and the snowball accelerated faster and faster down the hill crashing into everything in its path. 

How much longer can the American people afford these lies? We deserve the truth. Two years later, with an incompetent and out-of-touch President Biden and a bumbling “doctor Fauci” who deserves nothing less than being stripped of his title, Washington wants to pretend like there was no cost of Covid. 

You and I know that is just another lie. 

Covid is the war between the American people and the government. During the past two years, we have seen the extreme seizure of power of the United States government as they usurped the Constitution and pried the power away from the people. These lies are how they did it.

I’m Kyle LaBrue, an America-first Congressional candidate for Missouri’s 4th District, and I’m here to stop the lies. I won’t accept a salesman selling both the disease and the cure and I won’t accept the obliteration of American freedom and truth. Like George Washington when he said, "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light," I will stand up for the truth no matter the cost. 

Kyle LaBrue is running for U.S. Congress to represent Missouri’s Fourth District, specifically to put American interests before globalist and special interests, to hold those who have defiled America accountable, and to curb inflation and out-of-control government spending that is directly affecting the livelihoods of the people of Middle Missouri.