Posted October 20, 2014

If not, why do they call themselves the "Islamic State?"

Posted October 06, 2014

In this week's episode of "Capitol Source," author and journalist Gail Sheehy shares her story of meeting this powerful woman for an interview with 'Vanity Fair' magazine.

Posted September 22, 2014

In this week's Capitol Source, two federal immigration judges explain why their courts are underfunded, understaffed, and overflowing with pending cases.

Posted September 18, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the administration's ISIS (ISIL) strategy.

Posted September 18, 2014

Recently, prolific author and Townhall columnist David Limbaugh's book Jesus On Trial hit #1 on the Amazon best-sellers list.

Posted September 08, 2014

Why do so many liberals seem to be afraid of guns?

Posted September 05, 2014

Townhall Web Editor Sarah Jean Seman is committed to bringing you the untold stories from our nation's capital that matter most to the conservative cause.

Posted September 01, 2014

From all of us!

Posted August 26, 2014

Hillary is no "women's rights" hero.

Posted August 01, 2014

People respond to the Palmer decision.

Posted July 25, 2014

"There must be outrage by the world at Hamas to end this."

Posted July 15, 2014

But, this is merely the first round.

Posted July 11, 2014

Assault and Flattery.

Posted July 10, 2014

Annoying feminists all over DC.

Posted July 10, 2014

Setting the record straight.

Posted July 10, 2014

Capitol Hill visitors give their thoughts.