Posted November 16, 2015

It is with great sadness that we must report that Austin Hill, one of Townhalls longtime columnists, passed away unexpectedly on Friday evening.

Posted November 13, 2015

Tragedy in Paris.

Posted November 12, 2015

Did I mention that this is fake?

Posted November 10, 2015

Relive the biggest moments from Tuesday's fourth Republican presidential debate.

Posted September 18, 2015

Take America Back

Posted September 17, 2015

The Donald in NH.

Posted September 17, 2015

a few more reminders

Posted September 15, 2015

We tossed Facebook

Posted September 09, 2015

2016 Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump hold rally against Iran Deal

Posted August 28, 2015

Trump In Norwood, MA

Posted August 25, 2015

Trump In Iowa

Posted August 25, 2015

A look back at the week's most memorable, powerful, and funny political cartoons.

Posted August 08, 2015

Watch the RedState Gathering LIVE.

Posted August 07, 2015

Live from Atlanta.

Posted August 04, 2015

The real party is in Atlanta.