Sarah Jean Seman

Posted April 17, 2014

A man delivering a pizza late at night in upstate New York looks like an easy target for a robber — and he probably is without a gun.

Posted April 16, 2014

A system of 23 community colleges in Virginia is about become more in line with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) is seeking to alter its policy on free-speech zones in response to a lawsuit brought by student Christian Parks.

Posted April 15, 2014

Five percent— in 1862 any American making more than 10,000 dollars a year handed only five percent of their income over to the government. Well, times have changed…a lot.

Posted April 14, 2014

The United States has encouraged Vladimir Putin to continue violating international law by failing to enact anything ‘meaningful or important’ in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday.

Posted April 13, 2014

Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, British Prime Minister David Cameron stated during his annual Easter reception at 10 Downing Street Wednesday. He urged Britain to play a leading role in standing against religious persecution.

Posted April 11, 2014

Just days before her resignation Kathleen Sebelius stated at the Conference on World Affairs that America is spreading its unhealthy habits to other countries.

Posted April 10, 2014

Long Beach residents on the Golden Coast voted to allow the city to collect taxes on medical marijuana—that is, if the City Council ever allows dispensaries to sell the drug.

Posted April 09, 2014

An early analysis of Obamacare enrollees suggests they are more likely than the privately insured to use expensive specialty drugs.

Posted April 08, 2014

Congratulations South Wind Women’s Center, you succeeded in killing more than three people every day for an entire year. Be proud.

Posted April 07, 2014

Fifty-three percent believe coverage quality will decline because of Obamacare. This is the highest percentage recorded in the last three years.

Posted April 06, 2014

Immigrants crossing into the United States illegally are acting of out love, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said on Fox News Sunday.

Posted April 04, 2014

Nearly three years ago Americans celebrated a First Amendment victory—now, the U.S. 2nd Court of Appeals reversed the decision, allowing New York City to ban religious groups from holding services in school buildings.

Posted April 03, 2014

The grievous shooting at Fort Hood Wednesday claimed three innocent lives and left 16 wounded—the deaths occurred in a gun-free zone due to former president Clinton’s 1993 policy to disarm soldiers on military bases.

Posted April 02, 2014

A lunch monitor at Carillon Elementary in Florida allegedly told a student not to pray over her meal. The only hitch? Five-year-old Gabriella Perez is the only one who can verify the story.

Posted April 01, 2014

British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered intelligence agencies to probe into the Muslim Brotherhood, fearing the movement may be planning an attack on the Middle East from a base in London.

Posted March 31, 2014

Students at the University of South Carolina Upstate have the opportunity to learn “How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less,” courtesy of taxpayer dollars. The event is part of a two-day April symposium and conference which intends to explore the “new normals, old normals, future normals in the LGBT community.”

Posted March 30, 2014

Young adults who have obtained a bachelor's degree are more likely than their less-educated peers to get married, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found.

Posted March 28, 2014

The millions of illegal immigrants in the United States are already American citizens, in Vice President Joe Biden’s view. At the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Legislative Summit Thursday Biden explained:

Posted March 27, 2014

Some Alaskans apparently are not opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent annexation of Crimea—in fact, they are hoping to be grabbed up next.

Posted March 26, 2014

Well that explains everything...