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Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Obama was apparently for our troop withdrawal from Iraq, before he was against it. It’s nice to see that John Kerry has influence in the Administration:


A news crew was reporting on a new app that alerts users to “sketchy” neighborhoods, when their news van was burgled while sitting in the so-called “sketchy” neighborhood… In other words: The app works.


Deciding that the legacy of JFK was not necessarily adequate to convey the glory of Willingboro, New Jersey, the town renamed their “Kennedy Center” to “Obama Center”. And, by the way, there is nothing wrong with idolizing sitting presidents by naming monuments and buildings after them. Plenty of fine third world dictators have proven that to us.


Look at that: Good guys with guns, stopping bad guys with bricks… Amid all the riots in Ferguson and St. Louis, some local shop owners decided to protect their stores by arming themselves with AR-15s. It worked. But, yeah, there’s totally no reason to ever own an “assault” weapon. According to Joe Biden, they should have just indiscriminately shot a double barrel gun into the air. (Because that would totally defuse a chaotic and violent situation, right?)


Obama has lifted the ban on allowing Libyans to attend US flight schools and training in nuclear science. According to the DHS this ban can be lifted now, because we have been working on “normalizing” our relationship with Libya… And I’m sure that dead ambassador incident – a couple years back – was just a fluke.


Also: I now have a new life goal...

Michael Schaus

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