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In case you missed it earlier this week, a tweet sent out on the official MSNBC Twitter page accused the "right wing" of hating biracial families.

After backlash, the tweet was quickly deleted. MSNBC tried to backtrack, saying this "isn't who they are," but they aren't fooling anyone. This is exactly who they are. Remember this? When Melissa Harris-Perry and her show panel mocked Mitt Romney's African-American grandson Kieran? When panelist and actress Pia Glenn sang "one of these things is not the same" about baby Kieran? Harris-Perry eventually issued an apology.

Twitchy quickly jumped on MSNBC's latest moment of bigotry this week prompting conservative columnist Michelle Malkin (and Twitchy founder), who is part of a biracial family, to create the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily. She urged people to send their photos of their biracial "right wing" families to MSNBC directly through social media. Dozens of people sent their photos in. One of those couples appeared on Fox News' The Kelly File last night to share their disgust over the comments.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sent a letter to MSNBC President Phil Griffin yesterday demanding a personal apology and banned all employees and people associated with the RNC from appearing on MSNBC programs until the apology was made. Just a few short hours after the letter was sent, an apology from Griffin was read on air at the network by Ari Melber.

On The Five, host Greg Gutfeld praised Malkin for doing what she does best, holding MSNBC accountable for their repeated bigotry and hate through action.

MSNBC hosts and executives have issued 19 apologies in the past two years. Maybe with the power of social media, these jerks will finally stop and learn their lesson. I won't hold my breathe.

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Katie Pavlich

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