Katie Pavlich
It's a big week for President Obama as he gets ready to make his case to the American people Tuesday night about why bombing Syria, a country that has not attacked the United States, is necessary.

What he'll tell the country is what this is, which is a targeted, limited, consequential' use of military force, McDonough said during a round of appearances on Sunday TV shows.

'He'll also tell the country what this is not. This is not Iraq. This is not Afghanistan. This is not an extended air campaign like Libya.'

Sunday evening, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hosted a dinner for GOP Senators at the Naval Observatory in an attempt to secure votes and support for the move. Congress officially returns to the Beltway today after a long recess and time back home with constituents who have no interest in supporting military action in Syria according to polling and responses at town hall meetings. 

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Meanwhile, despite being silent on the Syria issue for months, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to address the situation at the White House Monday.

Clinton has not personally addressed the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack that U.S. officials say was carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime or how she believes the United States should respond. Although an aide issued a statement last Tuesday saying she supports President Obama’s effort to seek authorization from Congress for a retaliatory strike.

Clinton is likely to address Syria during her Monday afternoon appearance at the White House as well as at a speech on Tuesday in Philadelphia, according to a person familiar with her plans.

Clinton will be at the White House for a forum on combating wildlife trafficking, one of the charitable causes she is pursuing at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Katie Pavlich

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