Katie Pavlich

HEMPSTEAD, NY - During tonight's presidential debate, in response to a question about the assault weapons ban and AK-47s, Governor Mitt Romney brought up Barack Obama's lethal Fast and Furious Operation. He talked about the administration arming Mexican cartels and the violence that occurred as a result. Romney questioned the program, saying he doesn't understand why a program like Fast and Furious would ever be put in place.

"“The greatest failure we’ve had with regards to gun violence, in some respects is what is known as Fast and Furious, which was a program under this administration. And how it worked exactly, I think we don’t know precisely, but where thousands of automatic and AK-47-type weapons were given to people that ultimately gave them to [Mexican]drug lords who used those weapons against their own citizens and killed Americans with them," Romney said. "This was a program of the government. For what purpose it was put in place I can’t imagine, but it’s one of the great tragedies related to violence in our society, which has occurred during this administration, which I think the American people would like to understand fully.”

After briefly describing the scandal, moderator Candy Crowley cut Romney off and shifted the subject. President Obama refused to comment on Operation Fast and Furious and blamed the National Rifle Association for Romney's stance on gun control.

Katie Pavlich

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