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As President Obama jets around the country trying to sell his class warfare to distract away from dismal jobs numbers and a terrible economy, independent voters are sitting by watching and they aren't impressed. They're looking for a strong economic plan and economic results, which President Obama hasn't provided and doesn't seem to plan on providing. From a new ABC/Washington Post poll: 

Digging into the crosstabs of this week’s ABC News-Washington Post poll it’s clear that Obama has a significant problem with independent voters.

On every measure, independents are significantly more disappointed with the President and more open to a Romney message. http://abcn.ws/Mhf8QD

On the economy, while 45 percent of voters overall say they approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, just 37 percent of independents believe that. Obama has a twelve point advantage among all voters on the issue of “who has presented a clearer plan for dealing with the economy — Obama or Romney.” But, among independents that flips to an eight point advantage for Romney.

Even on the issue of Romney’s record in business, independent voters are more sympathetic to the Republican. Among all voters, more thought that Romney, in his work as a corporate investor, did more to cut jobs than create them, 42 percent to 36 percent. But among independents, that flips to a six point advantage for Romney, 43 percent to 37 percent.

ABC asked its analysts why Romney isn't ahead in the race with these numbers. The answer was because Democrats are more enthusiastic than Republicans about the election. The best hope for Obama to keep his position in the Oval Office is for that lack of enthusiasm to continue.

If Republican enthusiasm and participation increases, Obama has some very serious problems. Even with universal support among Democrats, Obama can’t win if he’s losing independent voters by these significant margins.


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Katie Pavlich

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