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A video posted to YouTube shows South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna Dewitt beating a pinata with a photo attachment of Governor Nikki Haley. Whoever posted this version of the video justified the beating in the video description box.  (Irony alert in bold and posted below) Embedding has been disabled, which is why I have provided screen shots instead of video.

Gov. Nikki Haley has been vicious to organized labor, saying in her State of the State address that "unions are not needed, wanted or welcome in South Carolina." After years of being treated like a union thug, Donna Dewitt gets sweet revenge at a retirement reception in her honor.




UPDATE: Found an embed of the video with a different description.


Maybe Dewitt has been treated like a union thug because she actually is one.

"I will say she looks like a tough old girl here," Dewitt says before getting started as others in the video cheered her on.

"Wait until her face comes around, wack her!" someone says in the background as others cheer loudly. "Whack her again! Hit her again!"

South Carolina is a right to work state and Haley was at the forefront of the battle against the National Labor Relations Board which blocked Boeing from building a plant in the state for months due to strict union rules.

Here is some reaction from Twitchy:




The question now is, will President Obama call Haley to apologize for Dewitt's behavior as he did with liberal activist Sandra Fluke? After all, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is one of Obama's most frequent White House visitors and was his guest of honor at this year's State of the Union Address.

But this kind of behavior from the left actually isn't anything new. When SB 1070 passed in 2010, radical open border groups attached a photo of Republican Governor Jan Brewer to a pinata and proceeded to tell children to beat it.


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