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DOJ whistleblower and author of Injustice J. Christian Adams, gave a battle cry to attendants at the 2012 True the Vote Summit working against voter fraud Saturday afternoon. Adams is the man who exposed the radical racial agenda of the Obama Justice Department after Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther party for intimidating voters outside of a Philadelphia polling place with a billy club in 2008. He also published photos of President Obama marching with the New Black Panther party before he moved into the White House. Notable quotes from his speech:

“What you are up against should both frighten and motivate you at the same time.”

“You have to understand your own election code.”

“You need to document the voter fraud that is being committed around the country.”

"Gather evidence can be used in court."

"I do not overstate this, the people who will oppose what uo’re doing are liars and destroyers. They will lie about what you do and they will attempt to destroy."

"There is an army already on the field. They’ve been at this for decades."

“They are big, they are well funded.”

“You’re outnumbered, so what, so were the 30 percent of patriots in 1776.”

“The people against you have entirely different goals. Stop negotiating with them.”

“They are corrupt destroyers.”

“Race will be used as a weapon against you. Race will be used as a weapon and this is so incredibly sad.”

“Remember, liars and destroyers.”

“They are essentially thugs and will act as such.”

“We still live in a country full of good and honest people where liars and destroyers are shunned.”

If you haven't read Adam's book, you need to. Buy it here.

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