Katie Pavlich

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow thinks Republicans are mean, so mean that they just simply want a meaner America in the year 2012. In a conversation with comedian Lewis Black over the weekend, Black even accused the Republican party of being the new communists.

MADDOW: So, President Obama in 1990 said that he wanted to move -- wanted to work toward a world, country, that was less mean-spirited, and more generous. The right says that means he hates America. I think it sounds like I want a kinder and gentler America, which is what George H.W. Bush said.

BLACK: That's then. That language doesn't apply anymore. That is a different Republican Party because we have moved on, there is a new Republican Party, and they seem to have -- that language doesn't work for them.

It's a new Republican Party. It's -- there is a -- it's like -- I mean, I think of it like if you were in the Communist Party, toe the line, here`s what they think, that`s the deal, screw him, that`s the deal, you can't -- are you going to use those words, or those words don`t work? Whatever words he uses, don't work for them.

MADDOW: But do you think we're at the point some were some -- I mean, I feel like it's not that weird. It wouldn't be that much of a joke for a Republican candidate to come out and say, actually, we need a less gentle, meaner country.

Apparently wanting to balance the budget and limit burdensome debt for future generations is somehow "mean." Speaking of being "mean," maybe Maddow should take a look at the New Black Panther Party and hold them accountable for intimidating voters outside of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008.

Katie Pavlich

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