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In light of video surfacing this week showing President Barack Obama fully embracing radical Harvard Professor Derrick Bell, the man who said he lived to "harass white folks," an editing war on the Derrick Bell Wikipedia page has erupted. It looks as though editors are arguing about whether or not to even mention Obama's affiliation with Bell, despite evidence showing that the two were closely connected. It also looks like the page was set as "protected" at one point to avoid controversy. Notice the editing war started on the evening of March 7, just after the connect between Bell and Obama was made on Fox News' Hannity and has continued since then.

Some of the highlights from the screen shots below:

"Unprotected Derrick Bell: maybe I erred, maybe there really is trouble here. I'm not sure, but getting involved here is more hassle than it's worth"

"Academic contributions: no need for a lengthy quote from a harshly critical opinion piece"

"Relationship to President Barack Obama: rm unsourced and false. the entire video has been on pbs.org for years."

"Relationship to President Barack Obama"

"Removed dubious from Obama video reference. Nothing dubious about it"





Katie Pavlich

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