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In the latest episode of the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz train wreck, the DNC spokeswoman is claiming President Obama isn't responsible for the bankruptcy of Solyndra because he wasn't he CEO of the company, ignoring that the administration gave millions in taxpayer dollars to the solar company they knew would be a failure. Not to mention, after the "green" company failed to provide long term jobs for the economy as promised, Solyndra senior executives walked away with bonuses after the collapse of the company. But don't worry, President Obama had nothing to do with it.

Among 1,000 people who've lost jobs recently are former employees of now-defunct solar power firm Solyndra, a centerpiece of Obama's green jobs program. The U.S. government invested $500 million in the firm before it declared bankruptcy last summer.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," Wasserman Schultz said the president wasn't CEO of Solyndra and therefore has no responsibility for the job losses.

"The president has responsibility for the green jobs programs where he made investments," she said. "But the decisions that were made at Solyndra that ultimately led to their bankruptcy were those of the people who worked at Solyndra."

To be fair, no, Obama wasn't the CEO of Solyndra, but his administration made the decision to approve the $500 million loan to the company even after they were told bankruptcy was inevitable.

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Katie Pavlich

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