Katie Pavlich
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Here we are again, the Left exploiting children to push their own convoluted agenda. This time, it's Van Jones using children to push his 10-point "Contract for the American Dream" plan. Ironically, in the video the children plead to increase Social Security taxes so our seniors can have a secure retirement. Too bad Van Jones isn't telling these kids that when they get a job and start paying into the Social Security system, they'll never see a dime of their own money back when they retire.

Points made in the video:

1. Invest in American's Infrastructure

2. Create 21st Century Energy Jobs, We Need More Green Jobs

3. Invest in Public Education

4. Medicare for all, "Let's Expand Medicare"

5. Make Work Pay

6. Secure Social Security: Let's Make Sure Our Seniors Have a Secure Retirement

7. Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share, End Bush Tax Cuts, New tax bracket for those making more than $1 million

8. Tax Wall Street

9. End Wars

10. Restore, Protect and Renew Democracy by Giving "Immigrants" a Clear Path to Citizenship and by Taking Away Rights of Corporations


Note to Van Jones: The American Dream is not a handout.

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Katie Pavlich

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