Katie Pavlich
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Washington D.C. mayor Vincent Gray was arrested over the weekend on Capitol Hill for civil disobedience during a protest against the budget compromise stripping Washington D.C. of federal funding for abortion and for reinstating the D.C. voucher program which allows poor families to send their children to good schools.

In the following clip, Gray says his issue isn't about abortion or the reinstatement of the school voucher program, but with Congress controlling the local D.C. government.

A thought:

Interesting how Gray is upset federal funds will no longer be used for abortion in Washington D.C., denying a woman's right to "choose" on the taxpayer dime, yet Gray is against giving parents the real right to choose where their children go to school, denying children a better education and better opportunity.

Luckily, thanks to John Boehner, children in the District of Columbia will have the opportunity to get out of failing public D.C. schools.

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Katie Pavlich

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