Katie Pavlich
Apparently, not even allegedly committing mass murder, including killing an innocent 9-year-old child in cold blood, can make this monster feel any hint of normal emotion.

From the NYPost:

Arizona's most notorious new prisoner showing no remorse at all for his heinous actions, sources told The Post.

Psycho killer Jared Lee Loughner's eyes look "dead -- he's pure evil," one prison worker told a visitor.

Another person who was inside the federal prison in Phoenix, where Loughner is being held, said the madman with the ghoulish grin is living up to his image as a coldblooded murderer.

"He's shown no remorse. No crying or anything," said Beverly Gomez, 49, who visited a relative in the prison and asked a guard about the killer. "He's segregated, but when he's out, he's, like, with six guards."
A prison official yesterday said Loughner takes his meals through a slot in his cell door, has no contact with other prisoners and can leave only for an hour a day to shower and exercise.

Katie Pavlich

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