Kate Hicks

Rough Sunday for the Obamas.

First, Chris Matthews -- yes, he of the tingling legs -- questions whether the president is deserving of a second term in a brutal interview with MSNBC's Alex Witt:

"There's nothing to root for," he says. And it seems a NASCAR crowd would agree, given the tepid reception they granted Michelle Obama as took the stage to call the start of a race. When her name is announced, the crowd boos:

Unsurprisingly, Michelle's efforts to rally support from middle America fell rather flat, but the former video indicates that Obama has lost allies, too -- Matthews' comments imply that even members of Congress are disillusioned with the president.

Forget about winning new voting blocs; it seems like Obama will have to fight hard to show even his base that he's deserving of a second term.

Kate Hicks

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