Guy Benson

Just when you thought yesterday couldn't have gotten any worse for the Obama campaign, a certain former president appeared on CNN and asserted that Mitt Romney is qualified to be president, thanks to his leadership as governor and "sterling" career in the private sector:

This could deliver something of a coup de grace to the Obama campaign's all-Bain-all-the-time attack strategy.  President Obama stated that this campaign will "be about" Romney's "vampire capitalism."  Bill Clinton, Deval Patrick, and at least a dozen other Democrats have dissented from that view.  Publicly. And we're still awaiting an explanation for why a handful of companies failing after Romney left Bain = greedy and evil, whereas Solyndra and other taxpayer-financed benefactors of cronyism shutting down = honest mistakes.  Enlighten us, liberals.  Oh, and by the way, Romney has jumped ahead in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina.

Guy Benson

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