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Physician, heal thyself -- or at least cut the sanctimonious "above the fray" act.  You are the fray.  And since we're righteously denouncing "irresponsible negative demonization," let's try this latest rant from Joe Biden on for size.  Apparently, opposing Obama's unpaid-for, re-run "jobs" bill is akin to aiding and abetting rape and murder.  Actual rape and murder:


"Give me a break -- temporary!" the Vice President bellowed.  All high-octane demagoguery aside, it is temporary.  As I wrote earlier in the week, a nearly identical multi-billion dollar state-bailout-to-save-government-workers plan was signed into law last year.  Now, apparently, the money we didn't have then -- and still don't have now -- has again run out.  Point that out, and all of a sudden you're a sadistic "one percenter" who loves rape.  Good grief.

UPDATE - Via Gabriel Malor: Do Senate Democrats have the votes to pass this portion of the jobs act?  Doesn't seem like itWhy do Senate Democrats support rape and murder?

UPDATE II - Ed Morrissey makes a terrific point: Biden actually makes a pretty good case for self-defense and second amendment rights in his tirade.  Of course, the point he's trying to make is completely misplaced.

Guy Benson

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