Daniel Doherty

Barack Obama isn’t going to Gettysburg today to pay tribute to the nation’s greatest president.

Amazingly, when National Journal’s Ron Fournier confronted a top White House deputy on Twitter about why his boss couldn’t make it, Dan Pfeiffer offered up perhaps the lamest excuse ever: the Obamacare website.

Psssht. President Obama attended hundreds of fundraisers and campaign events during his first four years in office. Hence the moniker “campaigner-in-chief.” Yet now he can’t find the time to make a brief appearance in Gettysburg because of a...malfunctioning website? Please.

The damn thing, of course, needs to be fixed -- and soon for Obamacare's sake -- but why can’t he get away for a few hours to shake some hands and deliver a few pointed remarks? Not in the job description, or something? Fixing the website isn't even his job. After all, he's not a "technology geek." He has "tech experts” for that.

Daniel Doherty

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