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Homeschooling parents have a few choice words for this week. While the online vocabulary tool can often be a helpful resource, users now realize it can also be pretty insulting. Just take a look at the example sentences the website chose for "homeschooling:"

This incensed Twitter user was one of many homeschooling parents to let know just what they thought of their definitions.

While may deem homeschooling as backwards, statistics show that home schooled children often fare better than their peers. For instance, a study from 2009 revealed that homeschooled children scored 86 percent higher than students in public schools.

Here are just a few other homeschooling merits outlined on

Control what your children learn and when they learn it.

Show your children that learning is not boring, but exciting.

Build intimate and meaningful relationships with your children.

Tailor your teaching to fit your children's dominant learning styles.

Give your children in-depth, personal attention in any subject with which they struggle or excel.

These details weren't anywhere to be found on In response to so many angry internet users, the online vocabulary resource has seemingly deleted its poorly chosen example sentences and replaced them with these safe, generic ones:

"The kits are also available through school and homeschool suppliers, and toy and gift catalogs."

So this year, along with our other homeschool subjects, we've been doing a unit on food.

The website's word of the day today is "brusque," which means "abrupt in manner," "blunt" and "rough." As in,'s use of "homeschooling" was met with brusque criticism from peeved parents.

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Cortney O'Brien

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