Cortney O'Brien

The National Republican Congressional Committee has obtained the latest draft of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “ObamaCare Memo” following Alex Sink's brutal defeat in Florida – and it’s ugly.

 photo ObamacareMemo_zps1fc9687f.jpg

What a mess. Perhaps the most significant change the DCCC is making to its memo is deleting the line that suggests Republicans will not gain a large number of seats this year, ceding that the probability is “actually looking likely.”

The editor also seemed to realize that Obamacare is a losing message. Now, they're left to “rephrase” or “retool this spin.”

Sorry, but their party needs a whole lot more than red ink to fix the losing "Affordable Care" argument.

Conclusion: We have ideas, they have red pens.

Update: For the record, this is satire. But oh so believable.

Cortney O'Brien

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