Christine Rousselle

Posted August 01, 2014

A surrogate mother in Bangkok is facing unexpected parenthood after she refused to abort a surrogate baby after his prenatal diagnosis with Down syndrome.

Posted July 28, 2014

Former GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin has launched a new online community dubbed The Sarah Palin Channel

Posted July 26, 2014

The bill passed with wide bipartisan support.

Posted July 25, 2014

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput announced today at a conference in Fargo, North Dakota that Pope Francis has accepted his invitation to come to Philadelphia in September 2015 to attend the World Meeting of Families.

Posted July 24, 2014

The popularity is strong with this one.

Posted July 23, 2014

Both following the lead of Colorado and Washington.

Posted July 22, 2014

How could you not be?

Posted July 21, 2014

Everything is made up and the laws don't matter.

Posted July 18, 2014

Your sexts are not safe.

Posted July 17, 2014

Inappropriate hashtag.

Posted July 16, 2014

Do not share this image.

Posted July 11, 2014

The nanny state has gone too far.