Carol Platt Liebau
Writing at Human Events, Merrill Mathews makes a pretty convincing case that Rick Perry would be a fearsome opponent for President Obama.

Would Michele Bachmann? Backed by a recent Rasmussen poll, Andrew Klavan makes a convincing case that Bachmann and her ideas are far more "mainstream" than the Democrat/MSM complex's leftism.  Even so, we know she's going to come in for a heavy load of abuse (although joking about her make-up and rear end should be beyond the pale, even for David Letterman)

So at this early stage, what do you think?  Perry, Bachmann -- or both?!  Neither? In combination with whom?

Carol Platt Liebau

Carol Platt Liebau is an attorney, political commentator and guest radio talk show host based near New York. Learn more about her new book, "Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Hurts Young Women (and America, Too!)" here.