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Paul Greenberg - Wed Sep 9

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Paul Greenberg - Thu Nov 8

Congratulations, Mr. President. You fought this election out on your principles and your ground -- the politics of identity, whether ethnic, class or partisan -- and prevailed. Early in the night. There was no contested cliffhanger. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Wed Sep 12

The theme that most seemed to rouse the enthusiasm of delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte was that we are all responsible for one another -- and that Republicans don't want to help the poor, the sick and the helpless. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Mar 29

Although we don’t have all of the facts surrounding the circumstances of what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, some things are certain. The way the media, President Obama, race baiter Al Sharpton, celebrities, the Congressional Black Caucus and other politicians have responded to the situation, is embarrassing to say the least. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Feb 23

Jeremy Lin is the New York Knicks basketball sensation whose so far brief but amazing performance on the court has set the world on fire in a mere month. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Fri Jan 20

Focusing attention and attacks on people who have greater wealth-generating capacity -- whether races, classes or whatever -- has had counterproductive consequences, including tragedies written in the blood of millions. Whole totalitarian governments have risen to dictatorial power on the wings of envy and resentment ideologies. ... more