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Bravo, Miley. ... more

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In one of the most liberal states in the country and one of the richest counties there, many of their poor population are facing troubles. ... more

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Bus driver Max Christensen asked the homeless passengers he transports between their shelter and the food bank to pen him their letters to Santa. For most, all they want for Christmas is a viable way to work hard and support themselves. ... more

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In Raleigh, North Carolina the non-profit religious group, Love Wins Ministries, makes an effort to feed and help the homeless every Saturday and Sunday. ... more

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The Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals would rather the homeless go hungry than let them heat deer steaks provided by generous hunters. ... more

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Washington-Jeffrey Hillman is a man who shambles the streets of New York City looking quite unkempt, drab, and hopeless. He panhandles sometimes and mutters to himself. Frankly, he looks a wreck and apparently is often in need of a pair of shoes. On cold winter nights he gets them. ... more

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As a biographer of Ronald Reagan, I’m constantly asked to compare today’s fiscal/economic situation to what Reagan faced in the 1980s. Today’s record debt/deficits remind of the 1980s, though today’s are far worse, with the deficit at least six times as high—and debt-to-GDP and deficit-to-GDP ratios two and three times (respectively) higher. The current economy is the worst since the early 1980s, with a prolonged non-recovering “recovery” older still. By 1984, the Reagan recovery was not just in bloom but exploding, with dramatically improved unemployment and economic growth six times higher than the current anemic rate, awarding Reagan millions of Democratic votes as he swept 49 of 50 states in his re-election. ... more

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Columnist Leonard Pitts wrote a story for the front page of last Sunday's Charlotte Observer indicting both parties for failing to speak up for the poor. He inspired this column. ... more

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