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Matt Vespa - Fri Nov 7

Three times. ... more

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This race still has not been called by the Associated Press, but major news outlets including are saying it victory belongs to Democrat incumbent John Hickenlooper. ... more

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She was called "Attila the Hun" and a "pit bull on crack" ... more

Matt Vespa - Wed Oct 29

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Ky Sisson - Fri Oct 24

The Democratic candidate in the Arizona gubernatorial race, Fred DuVal, is having a rough final stretch into Election Day. Earlier this week, The Washington Free-Beacon reported he had a house foreclose. Last week, he announced that he believes it is perfectly acceptable for 14-year-olds to have abortions without parental consent. ... more

Matt Vespa - Wed Oct 22

You can't make this stuff up ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Wed Oct 15

In the second of three debates that took place on Monday night, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner sparred over who could better improve the lives of Illinois African American community, particularly on the issues of jobs, taxes, crime, and education. ... more

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Not a good week for Ms. Hayes. ... more

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Ky Sisson - Thu Oct 9

The Kansas gubernatorial is proving to be one of the most unpredictable and closely watched this season. In a Fox News poll released today, Republican Governor Sam Brownback took the lead for the first time in weeks against Democratic challenger, Paul Davis, 46-40 percent. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Tue Oct 7

Republican Gov. Nathan Deal has distanced himself from democratic opponent Jason Carter with a six-point lead, the largest surge to-date according to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll. ... more