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Matt Vespa - Tue Nov 10

not earth-shattering, but shows why this story hasn't been able to be killed off by Team Clinton ... more

Matt Vespa - Wed Oct 7

They will turn the data over to the FBI ... more

Andre Walker - Fri Oct 2

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair contacted Hilary Clinton in 2011 to say he had phoned Colonel Gaddafi to tell him to find a safe place to go. Tony Blair's very private call was transcribed and handed to Jake Sullivan, a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton. ... more

Matt Vespa - Fri Aug 28

One nation is a belligerent nuclear state, while the other has used rape as a weapon of war. ... more

Matt Vespa - Mon Aug 24

"...Contrary to the Clinton camp's assertion that the controversy is a lot of "nonsense," federal computer security is no joke." ... more

Matt Vespa - Fri Aug 21

But, who are we to stop Democrats from shooting themselves in the foot. ... more