Wayne LaPierre

Posted December 05, 2011

In all of our nation’s history, a handful of dates stand out – dates that meant life or death for America and our freedoms.

Posted September 06, 2011

A fellow NRA member recently sent me a great video that is making the rounds on YouTube. It’s a short clip of a group of bloggers spending the day at a shooting range with Texas Governor Rick Perry. On its face, there is nothing terribly unusual or special about this. But to the millions of NRA members and patriotic Americans who have spent years fighting to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights, this is a remarkable scene.

Posted August 16, 2011

You’ve seen this in the movies. A group of gangsters surrounds an innocent bystander. One of the thugs pulls out a bat and smashes the poor guy’s windshield. “It’d be a shame if this sorta thing continued to happen,” says the thug. Unable to afford any future damage to his property, the bystander-turned-victim is now forced to surrender his money to the mob so they can “protect” his belongings.

Posted April 23, 2009

The anti-gun crowd now controls every lever of federal power--this is no time for us to stand silent.