Terry Jeffrey

The establishment media have launched a brutal attack on Carl Paladino, New York's Republican gubernatorial candidate, for this reason: Paladino spoke the truth about homosexual behavior.

For modern American liberals, there is no greater sin than to publicly express the view that there may be something wrong with homosexual activity and that children should not be taught to consider homosexual behavior morally equal to chastity and marriage.

No prominent politician who questions the wholesomeness of same-sex sex can escape a vicious beating by the liberal elite -- because these beatings serve a strategic purpose. They are designed to intimidate good people out of seeking political office and sticking up for the truth. They are designed to uproot the laws and norms of our society from the immutable natural law that is the true foundation of our freedom. They are designed to destroy truth and promote a lie.

Paladino spoke Sunday to two synagogues, using remarks that, according to Newsday, had been drafted by leaders of the Orthodox community, including Rabbi Yehuda Levin, who is a friend of mine.

Paladino did not deliver all of these remarks as written (and as released to reporters), striking lines that did not accord with his beliefs, including one that said: "There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual."

But, according to the New York Post, Paladino did say: "I oppose the homosexual agenda, whether they call it marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships. Marriage is between a man and a woman."

And he did say, "The ruling elite of this society has got to get over their hostility towards religious people and their values."

And, according to CBS News, he did say: "I just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family. And I don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option. It isn't."

Later, Paladino told CNN: "I am 100 percent in favor of all gay rights and always have been. There's one reservation. I don't think they should be married."

Questioned by Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show, however, Paladino refused to retract his remarks about brainwashing children on the homosexual lifestyle.

"Do you regret the remark?" asked Lauer. "No, I don't regret the remarks," said Paladino. "The remarks that I made, I believe in. OK. The remark that was deleted is nobody else's business. It was deleted. It was put in there by somebody, and I am not responsible for that. I am only responsible for what I say. And I have always stood behind everything that I said."

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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