Susan Stamper Brown

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon

Last week, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama administration took what appeared to be an extraordinarily conservative position to block a FDA recommendation that would have allowed young girls, age 11 and older, to buy a morning-after pill over the counter without parental consent. Predictably, the abortion crowd threw a temper tantrum, but Sebelius' explanation of her position leaves little doubt that, with a little more research, her office may have given this bad idea a green light.

Sebelius stated that essentially the FDA had not done enough research on this young age group resulting in insufficient data "to support the application to make Plan B One Step available over the counter for all girls of reproductive age." So let's get this straight, with a little more information, a young child could stroll into the drug store for her pregnancy pill, yet I have to present an ID card and a doctor's prescription to obtain insulin for my diabetic dog?

Back in 2009, the Obama administration did its part to hijack parental control by lowering the age limit for this drug to allow minors as young as age 17 to purchase the pill without parental or physician consent. Lest anyone think Sebelius' recent decision represents a reversal in abortion policy, it would help to examine Obama's own words on the subject. Back in 2008, Obama said, "I've got two daughters, nine years old and six years old, I'm going to teach them first of all about values and morals, but, if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby." It paints an odd picture where a father lectures his daughters about values and morals, yet refers to an unborn child as a "punishment." Obama painted a similar picture during a 2008 DNC presidential debate when he was asked to give his opinion regarding the Supreme Court's then-recent decision making partial birth abortion procedures illegal. Describing it as "a profoundly difficult issue," Obama said, "I trust women [not the courts] to make these decisions in conjunction with their doctors, their families and their clergy." And then he changed the subject.

The supposed logic behind the Plan B push to provide easy access for children is in the hope that it will reduce teen pregnancy numbers, but does little to address sexually transmitted diseases. The Center of Disease Control has found that Chlamydia cases have risen by 24% and Syphilis by 36% over the past four years.

Susan Stamper Brown

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