Steve Deace

We hear a lot of talk about how requiring someone to show a valid photo I.D. before voting is “unfair.” Yet whenever I ask those protesting this common sense notion why it’s “unfair” I’ve never received a valid answer.

And “because it is” isn’t a valid answer.

The sports talk radio station in my hometown demands you show valid photo I.D. before claiming a prize you won on the air. Foreign countries require you to show a valid photo I.D. before crossing their borders. Last year’s Democrat National Convention required valid photo I.D. to be admitted, yet many of the speakers at the event are opposed to requiring voters to do the same.

One argument I’ve heard is “you shouldn’t have to show photo I.D. to access your rights.” If that’s the case, then I assume those making such an argument believe you ought to have a right to a job if someone’s willing to hire you, right? Well, guess what you have to provide beginning the first day of work? Valid photo I.D. (as well as a valid Social Security card) in order to fill out your W-2.

I’m also guessing those same people think you have a right to marry anybody you want, right? Well, guess what you have to show in order to obtain a marriage license? That’s right, valid photo I.D.

I’m guessing those same people want someone to show valid photo I.D. – if not be subjected to an extensive background check – before purchasing a firearm, right? So if you think I’m required to show valid photo I.D. before accessing my God-given right to self-defense, then why shouldn’t you show valid photo I.D. before accessing your Constitutionally-given right to vote?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I can’t come up with a valid reason why it’s unfair to require someone to show a valid photo I.D. before voting. Especially when that vote often determines how much you’re able to pick your neighbor’s pocket.

So that’s where perhaps at least one of you comes in.

I will give $100 out of my pocket to the first person that can give me one valid reason why it’s “unfair” to require valid photo I.D. in order to vote. Simply email me at If you’re the first person to provide one, I’ll give you $100—right out of my own pocket.

Now, I must warn you. I tried to do this on my nationally-syndicated radio show this week, and no one could do it. If you think you’re up to the challenge, here’s your chance. After all, “unfair” should be easy to prove, right?

Steve Deace

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