Steve Deace

It’s been described as an autopsy, and given much of what’s in it, truer words were never spoken.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ report on how to allegedly improve the GOP, as well as his ensuing comment in the media regarding it, just provokes more questions than provide answers. Questions like:

· Why is there no mention of our agenda in your report? Most people become or vote Republicans based on issues. So shouldn’t the party be defined by issues? Is there a more important conversation about the potential success of the party than our principles?

· How come you never mentioned the party’s presidential nominee couldn’t attack Obama on his weakest issue, Obamacare, given it was originally his idea and that played a vital role in last November’s loss?

· Are you afraid to acknowledge that fraudulently presenting a deeply flawed candidate as “the most electable” had something to do with losing?

· How come you were bragging about having money left over from a campaign you lost? If you couldn’t invest your resources wisely this last election, why should we trust you to suddenly get it right now?

· Why does Todd Akin get abandoned by you, but at the same time you’re adamant the party will support Rob Portman? Should social conservatives take that as a sign they’re no longer wanted by the party?

· Why no mention of how to reach out to your own base, who deserted you in the last election? Romney did a worse job turning out the base than even McCain did, and lost despite doing well with independents overall. Come to think of it, how come you’ve never publicly acknowledged that?

· If you’re not willing to publicly acknowledge the truth of why you lost, why should we trust you to tell us the truth on anything else?

· Was this the report you were going to write anyway no matter what your focus groups told you? Did all these focus groups really focus on campaign mechanics and not the party’s principles?

· How come your committee was stacked with people connected to the people that grew government and led the American people to not trust Republicans in the first place?

Steve Deace

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