Steve Deace

It was a cold winter day in North Dakota. Personhood USA had just testified before the state senate’s judiciary committee regarding HB 1450, otherwise known as the 2011 personhood bill.

Senator Curtis Olafson, a Republican known for being a “maverick” like John McCain or Arlen Specter, had just finished grilling our lawyer by using the talking points of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the child killing industry.

Was it surprising that a Republican was the only one attacking a pro-life bill? After all, every single pro-life group in the state, including the local state chapters of the Catholic Conference, Concerned Women for America, National Right to Life, Family Policy Council, American Life League, Personhood USA, and a great majority of North Dakota’s pro-life citizens, supported this bill.

As tragic as it was, it wasn’t surprising, since Senator Olafson had done the same thing in 2009. There was a pattern: Republican Sen. Olafson would grill the pro-life witnesses and then remain silent while the pro child killing witnesses testified.

Two Personhood USA activists went to the cafeteria at the state capitol to get some lunch and regroup with the representatives of the state groups that had also testified, when they ran into Senator Olafson. An exchange followed in which they politely asked Senator Olafson whether he would vote for the bill. He said he would not. They mentioned that every pro-life group in the state was in agreement on this bill and that the personhood movement would have to hold him accountable for his decision come primary time. He began to get red with anger, leaned in close to their faces, and whispered between his teeth, “Would you rather have a Democrat in my seat?” Their answer made him even redder, “I don’t care, this time we’re holding you accountable.”

When it comes to killing innocent children, the argument isn’t about right vs. left. It’s about right vs. wrong.

On June 12, local personhood supporters in North Dakota made good on that promise. Through a local PAC, Senator Olafson was exposed, and his primary opponent, Joe Miller, was supported. Similar results occurred in Oklahoma on June 25th, when RINO anti-life State Rep. Guy Liebmann was defeated, but all six pro-personhood conservatives that faced primaries won. Thanks to personhood, RINOs are being replaced by proven conservatives, praise God!

But not everyone is pleased.

Steve Deace

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