Steve Deace

This week marked the two-year anniversary of Obamacare, and while I share my fellow patriots’ desire to see Obamneycare repealed before it loosens the last latch on Pandora’s Box, that dream coming true still doesn’t save America from its looming healthcare nightmare.

Over the past 20 years of debate the Republicans have steadily lost ground to Democrats in the healthcare debate, with President George W. Bush’s massive expansion of the welfare state known as Medicare Part D the most egregious self-inflicted wound. Because Republicans failed to implement any substantive free market healthcare reforms other than health savings accounts, this nation is likely headed to the same healthcare endgame regardless of Obamneycare’s ultimate fate.

The good news is that the healthcare endgame will never be a true, out in the open European-style government-run single-payer healthcare system, because the American people will never put up with it. Both times the Democrats actually took steps to implement one they have been punitively punished by voters in the very next election cycle because of it (1994 and 2010).

The bad news is what’s coming instead might as well be a single payer system.

Once the ultimate fate of Obamneycare is determined, the wheels will immediately go into motion to produce another terrible public-private partnership. The chance to effectively monopolize a product every American needs almost as much as oxygen and water means there’s simply too much money at stake for the corporatists and the statists to restrain themselves.

With the help of the crony capitalists in the Republican Party, and the Western Europe wannabes in the Democrat Party, a new scheme will be forged that gives both the biggest health insurance providers in America as well as the federal government a practical monopoly on the healthcare industry.

Those of you think that the private health insurance providers won’t go along with this are fooling yourselves, and living in the past. Haven’t you noticed there hasn’t been nearly the public outcry from the industry towards Obamneycare the past few years that there was aimed at Hillarycare in the 1990s?

Steve Deace

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