Steve Deace

If Christians, constitutionalists, and conservatives were already concerned about apathy gripping the nation at a time when we need eternal vigilance, I’m guessing a rallying cry of vote for the guy “that will do the least amount of damage” won’t do much to awaken our fellow Americans from their slumber.

But that’s exactly what was printed on an otherwise brilliant handout on Christians and political activism I was given at the recent National Religious Broadcasters Convention. This handout from a respected Christian apologist provided a pithy and principled summary on why people of faith not only need to be involved in civic affairs, but have a moral obligation to be.

I was tracking with him the whole way, until the very end.

That’s when the handout abandons its moral certainty for a moral murkiness that recreates the failed paradigm deconstructed in my new book We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again.

At the very end the handout addresses the question of “the lesser of two evils.” It says on one hand since Christians believe “there is none righteous” and “no one is good but God,” we are in essence always practically voting for the lesser of two evils to some extent. I agree with that. But its remedy to this moral dilemma I do not.

To resolve this moral dilemma, the handout suggests voting for the candidate “that will do the least amount of damage.” Ugh. If anything, I think I might actually like “the lesser of two evils” better. At least it’s catchier and has some brand name cache.

But the candidate “that will do the least amount of damage” as an alternative? Can’t you just see every mom telling their daughters to go out there and find the husband/father “that will do the least amount of damage” to spend their lives with? Doesn’t every girl dream of one day marrying the man “that will do the least amount of damage?” Just as every father hopes to one day raise a son into a man “that will do the least amount of damage” I’m sure. How many NFL teams have won Super Bowls by drafting players “that will do the least amount of damage” for their franchise?

Steve Deace

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