Sandy Rios

The current scandal surrounding Tiger Woods ought to serve as Exhibit A of why we can’t live our personal lives irresponsibly without it having an effect on the culture. Serial adulterers, cohabitating unmarried partners and homosexual unions all undermine the very foundation of society which is marriage.

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How does marriage form that foundation? By providing a healthy channel for our sexual needs, combining powerful drives with commitment to form a building block upon which children are nurtured and taught in security and love. Family bonds are forged, confidence built, gifts explored and the world ordered, releasing us to use our God-given abilities to better it rather than squandering them in a pursuit of lust.

What person reading this would enthusiastically endorse a culture where marriage vows are broken without restraint, the hearts of children routinely broken, the economic stability of homes ravaged, children left to raise themselves with the help of video games, television, the Internet and the iPod? Left to believe that sex is the most important focus, learning early how to engage in it, identifying themselves not by gifts but by urge, today’s children are doomed to repeat the sexual dysfunction that surrounds them. How can a society like that survive and who would encourage it?

Yes, we’ve been convinced that having sex before marriage and, further, living with a potential spouse is a good thing. How can we buy a car when we haven’t driven it? But if we understood the real bond involved in marriage and the fact that that bond is undermined and sabotaged by the very act of giving ourselves without commitment, would we be so quick to shed our boundaries? Does a heart ache less after entering the strong sexual bond and having it broken without vows spoken? How do we feel about our laissez faire attitude towards sexuality when we see the increasing amount of teen suicides by boys as well as girls as a result of rejection after intimacy? Does the fact that cohabiting couples who later marry have an exponentially higher rate of divorce than those who wait get our attention at all?

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.