Roger Schlesinger

Unemployment in America is extremely frustrating to those of us who can easily realize that the government is the major cause of the problem. If Congress, the Senate and the White House could take a long needed, but unearned vacation, say five or six years; when they returned unemployment wouldn't be the problem. Deficit spending wouldn't be a problem either because the aforementioned trio is the root cause of deficit spending.

The Obama administration believes that the more laws they pass, the more restrictions they introduce, the more roadblocks they build, the better the country will become. Unfortunately they are wrong and their solutions are even worse. Our country is definitely lacking statesman who want the best for the country and nothing for themselves. What we have is just the opposite.

We are moving too fast in the wrong direction and it needs to stop. Right now we have the lowest participation rates for labor in decades. Almost 4 out of every 10 people who could work haven't a job and aren't really looking for one. We have to put an end to the frivolous habits of our leaders: spend until it hurts! (Us not them). We need the special interest groups to find new interests; especially interests that don't hurt or slow down our economy.

Here is the stumbling block that doesn't seem to bother our leaders: unemployment.

Instead of doing everything we can to create jobs in the right industries we have a government that is against fracking but applauds our energy independence from fracking. We yield to the environmentalists who want the forest untouched and then fight forest fires which rids us of our timber and prime lands when the untended trees are ripe for forest fires. There are many more examples but I believe you see the point.

On a long term problem, education, we keep throwing money at it, watch our children's children's competitiveness spiral downward against the rest of the world while the administrators and union's pensions increase.

It was just announced that we increased our debt with China by over $10 billion in the last few months to $1.3 trillion and we even owe Brazil 1/4 of a trillion dollars. Try and find a country we don't owe money! Does owing the world fit in your comfort level?

Has your standard of living increased? I don't think so since Gallup just released a poll showing 45% of the public feel they are worse off today than a year ago!

Roger Schlesinger

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