Rebecca Hagelin

The ugly face of female oppression is all around us. But the source might surprise you.

Females are favored on college campuses for scholarships and sports, so it's not educational opportunity that we lack. In fact, female co-eds now dominate universities in both numbers and in special programs available to them.

With plenty of government grants for businesses run by women, we've got advantages there too. And there are innumerable labor laws that protect women in the workforce from discrimination.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

It's obviously not the modern American male that is oppressing women. A growing majority of men are so careful not to offend that many of them don't even open doors or compliment women anymore. Many men are scared to treat women like ladies - let alone deny them opportunity - for fear that the bitter voice of feminism will rise up and call them bigots.

The culprit of today's female oppression and unhappiness? That same bitter feminism that causes many men to no longer treat women as different and more refined than their own burly gender. A segment of women and those who drink their kool-aid are oppressing other women - and their major target is our daughters.

Visit virtually any college campus and you will find "women's studies" classes that wave the flag of victimization and promote gender warfare. They are filled with hippie-generation professors who seek to convince female students that having children is beneath them, that men are the enemy, that their fulfillment lies in wallowing in self-pity.

Students are pressured to attend male-bashing plays like the "Vagina Monologues". Females students who dare challenge the feminist mantra are treated with disdain by those in authority. Academia is often a world where young ladies are taught to reject their natural tendency toward femininity and to instead adopt a brusque, manly demeanor.

Oppressors of femininity also control much of the programming geared toward young women. Witness MTV and the prime-time line up where women are taught that the only way to advance in the world is to dominate and manipulate men through "sexual power".

These sour attitudes and indoctrination are having an effect: A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research reveals that despite the tremendous prosperity and "advances" in women's rights, "..women in the United States have become less happy, both absolutely and relative to men" than we were in the 1970's.

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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