Rebecca Furdek

Posted February 10, 2014

In 2005, James Dupree bought a dilapidated warehouse and garage. Today, after almost a decade of steady investment and physical labor, the once-blighted space is now a vibrant 8,600-square-foot studio showcasing over 5,000 pieces of art.

Posted January 13, 2014

Nowadays, no President (not to mention anyone in Washington) is generally praised for pronouncements of abandoning power.

Posted December 02, 2013

"I've always paid my taxes and have never been arrested or charged with any crime in my life. I'm a successful small-business man. But in January of this year, I woke up to find that my business' entire bank accout - more than $35,000 - had been wrongly seized."

Posted October 21, 2013

Not if Licensing Boards Get Their Way.