Randy Mastro

A number of issues are weighing on the minds of voters. The economy, national security, and the rising cost of health care are only a few of them. America needs an accomplished and trusted leader to take on these problems. We cannot settle for somebody who can simply identify the problems and call for “change.” America needs a leader with the strength and experience to fix the problems. Based on my experience with Rudy Giuliani, I believe he can best provide the leadership America needs.

I have worked with Rudy for more than 20 years - first, when he was Manhattan's top federal prosecutor, and then, when he was Mayor of New York City. I saw firsthand how he attacks problems. He is famous for transforming New York City from the nation's crime capital to the safest large city in America. But Rudy’s track record of leadership began long before than.

During Rudy's tenure as U.S. Attorney in Manhattan in the 1980s, his office achieved a record number of convictions - more than 4,100 - racking up remarkable success against organized crime, public corruption, white collar crime, and drug dealers that made our nation safer.

I prosecuted Mafia cases in those days and witnessed firsthand how he stood up to the Washington establishment and brought groundbreaking racketeering action against the nation's largest independent union, the Teamsters. He broke organized crime's stranglehold over that notorious union and restored democracy through direct rank-and-file elections of top Teamster officers. And he did it over the political objections of most of Congress. Indeed, time after time. Rudy literally put his life on the line, facing repeated death threats from the Mafia dons and drug dealers he was putting away.

As Mayor, Rudy continued to fight crime. He inherited a city so ravaged by crime - averaging more than 2,000 murders a year in the prior administration - that New Yorkers lost hope that their city was governable, and most told pollsters they would prefer to live elsewhere.

Randy Mastro

Randy Mastro is a former New York City Deputy Mayor (1996-1998) and former Assistant U.S. Attorney (1985-1989)