Rachel Marsden

Last week, radio king Rush Limbaugh riffed on the idea of “the haughty John Kerry” being appointed Secretary of State in an Obama administration, traveling the globe and stepping in it wherever he went. Not a bad choice, but if we’re going to try getting our money’s worth in entertainment over the next four years – given that we’ll be paying top dollar – how about Al Gore for the job?

Forget any sort of environmental leadership position that would limit him to America – The Goracle simply cannot be contained. Within mere days of the Obama win, Gore exploded like Chernobyl all over the op-ed pages of the New York Times:

“The inspiring and transformative choice by the American people to elect Barack Obama as our 44th president lays the foundation for another fateful choice that he — and we — must make this January to begin an emergency rescue of human civilization from the imminent and rapidly growing threat posed by the climate crisis.”

Best I can tell, this logic translates to, “We finally have a liberal in the White House. So maybe we can leave open the floodgates for some other crazy stuff. Like my prescriptions for Mother Earth. Before we all die.” I’m not sure if Gore has noticed, but Mother Earth and “human civilization” have some serious financial issues to deal with before we can get to the stories that scare little kids and people with the IQ of an organic carrot. But that shouldn’t stop him from regaling crowds around the world with tales of imminent death and destruction from things like “beach weather”.

Unlike Gore’s rhetoric, the Earth’s temperature hasn’t increased since 1998. He can quote all the scientists he wants, and I’ll quote a bunch of others who say the exact opposite.

How about some statistics showing how much good these carbon taxes have done for the environment? I mean, we’ve been at this for awhile now, almost to the point of quagmire. Is there an exit strategy in place? Will there be a time when airlines will no longer need to offer mentally challenged or guilt prone passengers (likely the same kids who were peer-pressured into sticking their tongue against frozen poles in grade school) the choice to relieve themselves of a few extra dollars in “carbon credits” in the form of a donation to the United Nations or some other obscure projects in places where the main forms of transportation are either polluting heathenmobiles from the 70s or livestock that produce more harmful emissions than any vehicle on earth?

Rachel Marsden

Rachel Marsden is a columnist with Human Events Magazine, and Editor-In-Chief of GrandCentralPolitical News Syndicate.
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