Pete Sessions

Two years ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the following statement in an NBC interview with Brian Williams:

 “…we'll go forward with civility, with honesty, with integrity and with fiscal discipline. No new deficit spending, no new bridges to nowhere, heaping mountains of debt on our children.”

What a change two years makes.

In fact, in the three short months that Democrats have controlled every corner of Washington, they’ve already borrowed and bailed out more than the combined costs of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Now with congressional approval of President Obama’s $3.5 trillion dollar budget, there seems to be no end in sight.

Meanwhile, American taxpayers are making tough decisions every day to do what they can to cut costs and reduce consumption.  As families and small businesses alike are tightening their belts to account for the worsening economy, they have every right to ask: “Why isn’t my government doing the same?” 

Unfortunately, the Budget that President Obama and House Democrats have resolved to shove down hard-working Americans’ throats is laden with bloated government-run programs, threatens tax increases on all Americans—not just the wealthiest two percent—and promises to produce $9.3 trillion in deficits over the next decade.  

Pstarresident Obama should take a cue from Robert Samuelson, who wrote in The Washington Post : “A prudent president would have made a ‘tough choice’—concentrated on the economy; deferred his more contentious agenda.” Instead, the Obama budget is a blueprint for higher taxes, more government spending, and deeper deficits.

The House Republican Budget would provide a much different blueprint. Our budget curbs spending, creates jobs, lowers taxes, and controls the debt.  To put it simply: it aims to end the “Pelosi Recession,” not prolong it as the Democrat budget does.

Pete Sessions

Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-32) is the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.