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India-Pakistan-Kashmir: Pakistani press reported no Indian artillery fire across the Line of Control in Kashmir on Monday and Tuesday this week for the first time in weeks. It also reported that cross-border truck traffic has been normal through at least one crossing point on the Line of Control.

Comment:Since the killing of five Indian soldiers on 6 August, Indian artillery shelling and gunfire across the Line of Control have been daily. A lull in shelling could be an important step towards normalizing political contacts, but it is too soon to call this a lull. Thus far Pakistan has not provided an explanation for the ambush on the 6th.

Iraq:A wave of coordinated bombings in mainly Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad on 28 August killed 86 people and wounded 263, according to police and medical sources. Bombings also occurred in two other Iraqi cities.

Comment:Surges in bombing attacks are becoming twice weekly occurrences in Baghdad, according to press reports. Those on the 28th appear unusually concentrated and well-coordinated.

Syria-UK:For the record. Britain will not take military action against the Syrian regime before United Nations inspectors report back on evidence of chemical weapons attacks, according to a motion published by the government on Wednesday. The Prime Minister has recalled parliament to vote on the motion on Thursday, 29 August.

Comment:Thursday's vote represents a condition for a future vote on military action.

Egypt:Security.Egyptian press reported two security incidents involving gunfire. One was a clash between Army and police forces and militants in a neighborhood of west Cairo.

The other incident involved army forces who fired at a gang trying to break into a bank.

Comment:The news reports carried no details, but both incidents appear to involve crime prevention more than control of political activity.

Politics. In a statement Wednesday, the alliance of pro-Mursi and anti-government groups called on Egyptians to stage rallies on 30 August to restore the gains of the 25 January Revolution, the start of the movement that led to Mubarak's ouster on 11 February 2011.

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