Mike Adams

Author’s Note: If you are concerned about this kind of spending in higher education, please contact Governor Pat McCrory at http://www.governor.state.nc.us/. His remarks about liberal arts education have been right on target. He gets it.

I think the time has come for a line item veto in higher education. The people of North Carolina are being bankrupted by higher education spending that is simply not academic in nature. The problem was once confined to UNC’s flagship campus in Chapel Hill. But now it has spread like a cancer throughout the entire UNC system.

For example, this week (February 4-8, 2013) at Western Carolina University, the Women’s Studies Program is sponsoring Sexual Empowerment Week. Each day will feature an event funded by North Carolina taxpayers. Here is the scheduled lineup:

February 4. In the Multi-purpose Room, between 7 and 9 p.m., an “All You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex but Didn’t Learn in High School” panel was assembled. The panel featured two professors - one in Psychology (Hal Herzog) and one in Women’s Studies (Marilyn Chamberlin).

In case you didn’t know, Hal Herzog is an expert on animal behavior. He once wrote a book asking profound questions such as “Is it Okay to kill animals just because they taste good?” and “Why is it Okay to feed a mouse but not a kitten to your pet boa constrictor?” and, finally, “Can dogs read people’s minds?” The learned professor even developed a personality test for baby snakes.

Dr. Herzog later studied chickens, and as part of his research interviewed and observed people who engaged in cockfighting. Maybe that’s how he got to be a sexual health expert. Let’s just hope he doesn’t integrate his interest in human sexual behavior with his interest in animal/human relationships.

February 5. In the Multi-purpose Room, between 6 and 8 p.m., sex therapist Marsha Rand lectured on “how to have an emotionally and spiritually healthy sexual relationship.” The flier says “First 50 people only.” It is unclear whether that was meant to limit seating to fifty people or whether her advice is only good for one’s first fifty sex partners. Oh well, I guess sexual ambiguity is just another form of diversity.

February 6. In the Multi-purpose Room, between 7 and 9 p.m., there will be an event called “Safe Sex” led by Barbara Starnes. Since it was dubbed an “interactive session” it is unclear whether students will merely talk about – or actually engage in - safe sex during the session. So hopefully the attendance will be limited to fifty people in this session, too. Otherwise, that would be one serious fire code violating orgy!

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.