Mike Adams

Ideas have consequences. That is why it is sometimes difficult to understand how bad ideas can survive, and even thrive, in certain environments. One really bad idea that is thriving in higher education is the so-called trans-gendered rights movement. It is thriving not because of the work of trans-gendered persons but because of feminists who are willing to use them to advance their own ideas about gender and equality.

Feminists have been increasingly enamored with the idea that there are no innate differences between men and women. In recent years, they have been arguing with greater and greater frequency that all male/female differences come from the “culture” or that they are “socially constructed.” In his latest book, One Party Classroom, the always brilliant David Horowitz shows just how prevalent this very stupid idea is – at least in higher education.

The idea that culture is responsible for all male/female differences is appealing to feminists. They like it because it suggests that all such differences are the result of discrimination and oppression. It, therefore, stands to reason – to the extent that feminists actually “reason” – that these differences can be eradicated by simply changing society.

Of course, when feminists speak of changing society the desired change usually consists of the implementation of socialist policies. And, for the Marxist, creating equality is achieved not by raising oneself up to the level of others but by pulling others down – through the use of force and without the consent of the “others.” In that sense, most feminists are in favor of economic rape as a means of achieving power.

The fact that feminists have few children helps facilitate their silly views concerning the “social construction” of male/female differences. Of the six most radical feminists in my department, one has no children and the other five have only one child each. Therefore, none of the six has ever had the experience of raising both a boy and a girl. No one who has raised both a boy and a girl could pretend to hold such ridiculous views concerning the influence of “society” on male/female differences.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.