Mike Adams

Mr. Adams,

I've been in academia (Psychology) for 30 years.

Well, Dr. Douglas, this isn’t starting out very well. I read several posts you wrote in response to my recent column “How Jesse Helms Helped Promote Diversity” on TownHall.com. I noticed that you used “Dr. Douglas” as a screen name – boasting that you have a PhD. And, now, you are referring to me as “Mr. Adams” in an effort to establish some kind of intellectual superiority. I have no need to be called “Dr.” Can we just call each other by our first names? I’ve wanted to avoid the kind of childish insults I’ve seen from academic elitists over the last 25 years in academia – about 16 years as a professor, nine years as a student.

I am writing to protest, in the strongest possible terms, your dishonest and hateful columns that appear on Townhall.com. Just to focus on the most recent one, you seem to have made three arguments. I am working from memory so please forgive me if I misquote you.

Sure, I support your First Amendment rights, fully. But I must ask: If my column makes you feel so hateful, why do you keep logging on?

First, you claim that "leftist academics" have an "unmitigated southern bigotry". I consider this a lie. To prove that it is truthful, please provide me with some legitimate evidence (peer- reviewed) to support this claim. Also, please explain why academic "leftists" have supported the last three democratic presidents, all three of whom are clearly southerners (Clinton, Carter, Johnson). I find your statement to be an obvious, blatant lie.

Actually, I claimed that leftist academics that dislike Jesse Helms dislike him because of unmitigated anti-Southern bigotry. I don’t believe there are any peer-reviewed articles on the subject. The reason is simple: Peer-reviewed journals in the so-called social sciences will not publish any article that sheds light on academic leftist bigotry. That’s because the bigots control the journals. And the bigots are willing to vote for Southern Democrats because their anti-Republican bigotry is greater than their anti-Southern bigotry. I’d like to do a study on it but it would never be published. Would you be interested in doing such a study with me? Could we get it published using your superior academic reputation? And could we do a follow-up study on segregationist Southern Democrats who abandoned their segregationist stances as soon as they became Republicans?

Let me add a few observations. Leftist academics supported Johnson because he was a socialist, Carter because he was (and is) an anti-Semite, and Clinton because he supports the disproportionate murder of blacks under the excuse of “choice.”

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.