Michael Youssef

Posted March 08, 2015

I do not fear Islamic Jihadists nearly as much as I fear the Christian church in the West departing from biblical orthodoxy.

Posted March 01, 2015

Mr. President, Your recent summit to Counter Violent Extremism was flawed from the startbeginning with its name.

Posted February 08, 2015

Please know that I am one of those who pray for you on a regular basis. The Scriptures command me to pray for those in leadership.

Posted January 18, 2015

Commentators from both sides of the political aisle have discussed the optics of President Obamas absence from the massive, anti-terrorism march in Paris on January 11. Sadly, theyve all missed the point.

Posted January 11, 2015

If our Founding Fathers came back today, they wouldnt recognize the liberty-loving country for which they once sacrificed their lives and fortunes. Instead, they would find a country that is rapidly giving way to the control of the thought police.

Posted December 21, 2014

Perhaps it was Al Gore who popularized the term inconvenient truth. Although his truth is disputable at best, it is a fact that real truth is often poorly received by the populous.

Posted November 23, 2014

Whether its church liberals or political liberals, they have at least one thing in commonthey often speak one way, but walk in the opposite direction.

Posted October 05, 2014

Because Islam borrowed a great deal from Judaism and Christianity, it is not surprising that they too have a figure with a messianic complexthe Mahdi, or the Guided One.

Posted September 28, 2014

Many peoplereligious and non-religiousare asking questions about a word they hear the media use when referring to ISIS and other Islamist jihadists. That word is apocalyptic, which is used when specifically referring to the fatalism of Islamists.

Posted September 20, 2014

Most baby boomers will remember the summer of 1967 as the Summer of Love, with huge gatherings in cities across the United States and Canada. Years later, Time magazine said that the overriding theme of the Summer of Love was trust your feelings.

Posted September 07, 2014

Whenever prophetic voices rise to explain world events from a non-secular perspective, those voices are minimized as fringe and lunatic.

Posted August 18, 2014

?Surely now President Obama must believe at least part of the Bible—specifically, I’m thinking about the part that says: “Pride comes before the fall.”

Posted August 03, 2014

The Bible is full of individuals who accomplished mighty things through their commitment to a cause and through God’s power working in them. Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, to say nothing of a handful of Galilean fishermen, turned their world “upside down.”

Posted July 13, 2014

Since then, most Sunni Muslims have informally recognized the legitimate successor of the prophet Muhammad to be the king of Saudi Arabia, whom they call the “Guardian of the Two Holy Places.”

Posted June 29, 2014

Millions of Americans who have known “the old America”—the one they were born in and grew up in—feel a deep disappointment that their grandchildren will not grow up to know the country that valued morality and biblical ethics.

Posted June 22, 2014

Let me just say that President Obama is probably not a Muslim, but not a Christian, either. Most likely, he’s agnostic. Politics is his religion.

Posted June 15, 2014

“Bodies are scattered all over the streets,” is how an Iraqi pastor described the situation in Mosul, Iraq, the country’s second-largest city.

Posted June 01, 2014

Now that Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has won a decisive victory in the Egyptian presidential election (held May 26-28, 2014), the pro-Islamist Western media—such as the BBC and CNN—are downplaying his impressive win.

Posted April 20, 2014

Much of the world will be celebrating Easter this week. Unfortunately, in the West, secular humanism has relegated the Christian Easter to mere “Easter bunnies” and “Easter eggs.”

Posted April 06, 2014

While many pundits lament the fact that the Obama/Kerry foreign policy is timid, confused, and easily intimidated by strongmen like Vladimir Putin, I submit that it is best compared to a mediocre schoolyard bully.

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